Evolving Expeditionary Experience for RAF Typhoons: Exercising in Malaysia, 2016


2017-04-02 During a recent visit to RAF Lossiemouth, we had a chance to talk with a number of Typhoon pilots and will focus on the evolving expeditionary experience of the Typhoon squadrons.

We also were provided a number of photos of the activity of these squadrons.

We were provided these photos by the RAF of their time at Bersama Lima 2016 where they also worked with the RAAF.

As the RAF text accompanying the photos noted in 2016:

8 Typhoon Aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland are taking part in Exercise Bersama Lima 16 and will be based out of RMAF Butterworth in Malaysia during their stay.

Ex Bersama Lima 16 is an annual Five Powers Defence Arrangement(FPDA) Maritime/Air Field Training Exercise and Joint Post Exercise conducted to enhance the operability and mutual co-operation among the FPDA nations.

The exercise is sponsored on a rotational basis between the armed forces of Malaysia and Republic of Singapore and will take place between the period of 4-21 October 2016.

Credit Photos: RAF