Marines Participate with Brits and French in Tinian Exercise


05/21/2017: U.S., Japan, France and Great Britain train together on the island of Tinian during Exercise Jeanne D’Arc 17 mid-May 2017.

The Brits are operating off of a French warship in the region.

Tinian Exercise from on Vimeo.



Defense Media Activity – Guam

2017-03-05  According to a story published March 3, 2017, the UK has sent troops and equipment to operate off of the French amphibious ship the Mistral, in a five month deployment.

Around 70 Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel have joined a French task group aboard the French assault ship FS Mistral for the five-month mission.

It includes port calls in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Japan, Guam and Australia.

Two Royal Navy Merlin Mk3 helicopters have joined the deployment, which will include amphibious exercises and defence engagement.

The UK contribution to France’s annual Jeanne d’Arc naval deployment demonstrates the strength and depth of UK-France ties and our shared commitment to protecting international maritime security.

Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel and two Royal Navy Merlin Mk3 helicopters have joined the French task group. Picture: Marine Nationale.

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said:

“France is one of our closest allies and our world class maritime forces are combining to show we can operate together effectively.

“Whether deployed together at sea, striking Daesh from the air, or contributing to NATO deployments in the Baltics, Britain and France will continue to work hard for our shared security.”

This deployment further shows the UK’s ability to operate alongside French forces, in line with our development of the Combined Joint Expeditionary Force, a rapidly deployable joint UK-French force that can respond to crises.

Our navies already work together to counter piracy and maritime crime around the coasts of Africa and people smugglers in the Mediterranean, and Royal Navy ships have supported the Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier in its operations against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

British and French forces also operate together as members of NATO, with France contributing to the UK-led enhanced Forward Presence deployment to Estonia this year.

The UK and France share a history of cooperation on defence and security, from fighting alongside each other since the First World War to supporting a rules-based international system on the UN Security Council into the 21st Century.

Even closer bilateral defence and security ties are being developed through the 2010 Lancaster House Treaties.

According to Naval Today:

The five-month amphibious deployment will take the force – which includes the frigate Courbet – as far east as Japan and Guam, as far south as the northern coast of Australia, with visits to Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Djibouti on the 24,000-mile round-trip.

A flight from 845 Naval Air Squadron will be a permanent presence aboard the French assault ship FS Mistral as she leads the deployment.

The deployment began from the French Navy’s Mediterranean home port of Toulon.