Sea-Shield 2018


Sea Shield is an annual multinational exercise taking place in the Black Sea and based on a notional crisis response scenario. 

The exercise is designed to test, conduct, analyze and evaluate Anti-Submarine Warfare activities through the employment of Anti-Submarine Underwater Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare and Maritime Counter Mining. 

This is to improve the interoperability and combat proficiency of participating units.

NATO contributes by involving its Standing NATO Maritime Group 2. Frigates from the Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish navies are also participating, as well as the USS Porter, a number of corvettes and missile boats. 

Allies also test the maritime procedure for command, control and communications.

Allies support the maritime forces taking part in the fictitious crisis response scenario by conducting maritime traffic control, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Defensive Anti-Air Warfare, Force Protection through Anti Surface Warfare, assistance to vessels in distress, Replenishment at Sea procedures and countering illegal activities at sea.