Onboard the HMAS Adelaide  


A Joint Task Group of four ships and over 1,000 personnel from the Australian Defence Force are deployed on Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2018, a series of key engagement activities with Australia’s regional neighbors. 

Running from May to September, Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2018 is geared towards enhancing interoperability with Australia’s key regional partners, including Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2018 is the second iteration of the exercise and part of ongoing efforts to re-affirm Australia’s positive relationships with other militaries through joint practical activities.

HMAS Adelaide, a Canberra-Class Landing Helicopter Dock, is the centrepiece of the task group, able to project embarked personnel, vehicles and aircraft ashore in support of joint exercises.

HMAS Adelaide is joined in the Joint Task Group by HMA Ships Melbourne, Success and Toowoomba. Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2018 also involves personnel from the Australian Army’s 2RAR, the Royal Australian Air Force and Defence Civilians.

June 5, 2018

Australian Department of Defence