Australian Army Relief Support in Australia


Due to the effects of the unprecedented weather event in Northern Queensland on farmers and their livestock in the region, The Australian Defence Force has been asked to provide critical lift support. 

Joint Task Force 646 established a forward operating base out of Cloncurry in western Queensland on 9 February 2019, where three MRH-90 helicopters will be able to more effectively support communities affected by severe flooding. 

Crew from the Australian Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment are working out of Cloncurry to help distribute aviation fuel to farmers and civilian contractors so they can refuel their own aircraft to distribute feed to livestock cut off by flood waters. 

Joint Task Force 646 was established to coordinate and manage Defence’s response to the disaster and works with Commonwealth agencies, Queensland authorities and local mayors to assist affected communities in Western Queensland.

Australian Department of Defence

February 12, 2019