Lieutenant-General Deptula on the Evolution of Airpower

What follows are excerpts from Lieutenant- General Deptula’s retirement remarks delivered on August 6, 2010.  Lt General Deptula provided two insightful interviews for our website, and provided solid understanding into a much neglected subject, the evolving relationship between manned and unmanned systems.  Too often policymakers or analysts become platform centric…

Iraqi Commando Training

The 10th Iraqi Army Division Commando Battalion conducted air assault training at the COS Garry Owen airstrip June 27-30. [slidepress gallery='iraqi-commando-training'] Credit:  3rd Brigade Combat Team , 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs Location: CONTINGENCY OPERATING STATION GARY OWEN, IQ This four-day course, the final phase of a three-phase training initiative,…

Mi-17 Sling Load

The Afghan air force and Combined Air Power Transition Force advisors conducted an operational sling load with the Mi-17 transport helicopter to Orgun-e flying 12,500 feet above sea-level and carrying a 3,200 lbs. crate, July 1. [slidepress gallery='mi-17-sling-load'] Credit: 43th Air Expeditionary Wing Location: KAIA, AF

1st Sustainment Brigade and the Retrograde Process

As Third Army continues to conduct the drawdown in Iraq, one of the main tasks they are faced with is moving the leftover equipment that has been used over the last seven years to sustain military operations in Iraq back to Kuwait. [slidepress gallery='1st-sustainment-brigade-and-the-retrograde-process'] Credit: 1st Sustainment Brigade 7/9/10 Soldiers…

Iraqi Army, Air Force Conduct Joint Training

As the dust settled on the landing zone, two MI-17 helicopters lifted off from the 36th Brigade, 9th Iraqi Army Division headquarters at Camp Taji, their departure signifying the completion of the unit’s first joint medical training exercise between the Iraqi Army and Air Force. [slidepress gallery='iraqi-army-air-force-conduct-joint-training'] Credit: 4th Stryker…

USN and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Joint Exercise

A number of the ships participating in Undersea Warfare Exercise, an annual bilateral exercise involving the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Navy, are pictured in this slide show. [slidepress gallery='usn-and-japanese-maritime-self-defense-force-joint-exercise'] Credit: US Navy Visual Service, June 23rd, 2010 The first photo shows the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer…

The Gulf Oil Spill Crisis: Meeting the Stewardship Challenge

By Dr. Robbin Laird and Rear Admiral Ed Gilbert, (Retired)    President Obama Addresses the Media at USCG Station, Grand Isle, La. (Credit Photo: USCG Atlantic Area)  The tragedy of the Gulf oil spill is likely to become a blame game ultimately.  This need not be so, and if it…

Southern Partnerships Station 2010

The photos in this slide show highlight operations in in Southern Partnership Station, an annual deployment of U.S. military training teams to the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility in the Caribbean and Latin America. [slidepress gallery='southern-partnerships-station-2010'] Credit : US Navy Visual News Service, June 22nd, 2010   The first…