Six apache helecopters from 673 Squadron, Army Air Corps, will train at RAF Lossiemouth.
673 Squadron, 7 (Training) Regiment Army Air Corps, is an apache training squadron based at the Army Aviation centre, Middle Wallop in Hampshire. The role of the squadron is to: train new pilots,pilots returning to the aircraft after a period of non flying related tours and newly qualified instructors.
The helecopters will be flying from RAF Lossiemouth from 2nd September until the 11th on Exercise PANTHERS PEAK. The squadron will conduct mountain flying training in the Scottish Highlands so newly qualified instructors can be taught how to train students in challenging conditions. Apache pilots learn to fly in mountainous areas as part of their pre deployment training before deploying to Afghanistan.
The detachment of Apaches shows the versatility of the Station and their ability to cater for a variety of aircraft. RAF Lossiemouth will see an increase in such exercises over the next few years to train alongside the TyphoonForce and utilise the airspace, as the area means the aircraft can be used to their full operational capability.
Editor’s Notes:
For more information on 673 Squadron visit: http//www.army.mod.uk/aviation/29783.aspx

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