Big bats and fast jets fly together during Dissimilar Air Combat Training mission in Australia.


Two Hawk 127 aircraft (far right), from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base, Williamtown, Australia, and two F-16 aircraft (middle), from the 132nd Fighter Wing (132FW), Des Moines, Iowa, are seen taxiing on the runway of the RAAF Williamtown on February 25, 2011; A KC-135 fuel tanker, from the 185th Aerial Refueling Wing (185ARW), Sioux City, Iowa, and two more Hawk 127 aircraft (far left) are seen preparing to takeoff, as two F-18 aircraft (middle, in the air), also from the RAAF Williamtown prepare to land. The RAAF, 132FW, and 185ARW are currently engaged in joint flying mission, “Sentry Down Under”. (US Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Linda E. Kephart)(Released)

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