Exercise Red Flag Trail; Over the Rockies


9 JAN 2015


The second wave of four Typhoons participating in Exercise Red Flag have arrived at Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, United States of America.

After touching down the four aircraft will liaise with those that arrived 24 hours earlier in wave one as they look to prepare for Red Flag.

In this, the fourth and final leg of the trail, the Typhoons found themselves flying over some well known locations. Including the Grand Canyon and as can be seen in the photo the Rockies.

The snowy peaks seen in the background are a nice change to the endless blue sea seen whilst flying over the Atlantic Ocean on the earlier legs.

The Voyager aircraft that supported the Typhoons to Nellis will leave Las Vegas today, heading for RAF Brize Norton where they are expected to land sometime this evening.


Images by SAC Lee Matthews

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