6 Squadron arrived in style to their new home, RAF Lossiemouth, in a formation of the number ‘6’.

Station personnel gathered near the runway to welcome the Squadron to their new home and view the spectacle.

Number 6 Squadron started arriving at the beginning of June from RAF Leuchars and completed their transition today, 20th June. However, this isn’t the first visit to Lossiemouth that the Typhoons have made. The Squadron completed several Exercises called ‘Moray venture’ where the purpose of Exercise was to test the new operating facilities ahead of their arrival. A secondary purpose was for the Typhoons to utilise their new facilities on Station and for Lossie personnel to gain experience and exposure of Typhoon specific operations.
Number 6 Squadron became the first Typhoon fighter squadron to be based in Scotland when it officially stood up at Royal Air Force Leuchars in September 2010.
6 Squadron took over responsibility for providing the northern element of the Quick Reaction Alert force in March 2011, providing aircraft and crews on high alert to scramble and intercept unidentified aircraft approaching UK airspace. The Squadron will continue their support to Quick Reaction Alert over the summer, when Quick Reaction Alert (Interceptor) North stands up at RAF Lossiemouth prior to 1 (Fighter) Squadron’s arrival in September.
Wing Commander Mike Baulkwill, Officer Commanding 6 Squadron, said: “Number 6 Squadron is very excited about moving up to RAF Lossiemouth, this move will offer us new and exciting opportunities both at work and from a recreational perspective. The Squadron has had a transient history, in recent years the Squadron has moved from RAF Coltishall to RAF Coningsby then up to RAF Leuchars and now RAF Lossiemouth. As an expeditionary Air Force, deploying and moving at short notice is what we all are trained to do and this move though permanent is very similar. Our move to RAF Lossiemouth is a great opportunity for all, and it so

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