Typhoons lined up and ready to go to take part in the first exercise of Ex Red Flag

Exercise Red Flag is the largest and most complex air warfare exercise in the world; 1(Fighter) Squadron (from RAF Lossiemouth) arrived at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, on 9th January 2015 after a 6000 mile journey that required air-to-air refuelling of the typhoons. They will be joined by other RAF units as part of the RAF’s commitment to train its personnel in the conduct of deployed operations in the most complex and challenging of environments. The exercise will help the RAF Typhoon Force to continue to maintain the very highest levels of readiness for the most complex of potential future military operations.

Exercise Red Flag commences on 26 January and will run for three weeks.

Based at RAF Lossiemouth, 1(Fighter) Squadron is one of five front line Typhoon FGR4 squadrons which secure UK and Falkland Islands airspace 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The RAF Typhoon Force also stands available to meet any contingency which may arise.

Originator: Flt Lt Myers
Section: MCO
Ext: 7934
*For more Information Contact Photographic Section, RAF Lossiemouth, IV31 6SD. Tel: 01343 81719

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