Multi-national relief aid in Tacloban during Operation Damayan

11/16/2013: Members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spearheaded the relief efforts in Tacloban and surrounding areas by having disaster teams on-hand even before the super typhoon hit.  Multi-national forces soon fell into supporting roles to the AFP, and one week later groups and military representatives from across…

C-17 at Joint Base Charleston

08/12/2013: C-17 at Joint Base Charleston [slidepress gallery='c-17-at-joint-base-charleston'] Credit:Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs Office:6/4/13 In the first two photos, Tech. Sgt. Andrew Gravett, 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief, walks along the top of a C-17 Globemaster III while wearing a safety harness as he does a routine maintenance check…

Preparing for Paratroop Jump From Inside C-17

05/18/2013: The Joint Operational Access Exercise (JOAX) 13-02 is a combined joint training exercise designed to prepare elements of the 82nd Airborne Division, along with its partners and enablers, to respond as part of the Global Response Force (GRF). Credit:1st Combat Camera Squadron2/27/13

Heavy Cargo Dropped Out the Ramp of C-17

07/15/2012: Heavy cargo being loaded and dropped out the ramp of a C-17 in support of Joint Operations Access Exercise 12-02 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. JOAX is two week exercise to prepare United States Air Force and Army service members to respond to worldwide crises and contingency operations. Heavy…

Providing On-Location Support Services for the CRW

08/25/2011: A key element for mission success is an ability to support the deployment with key service support capabilities.  Airman Parry provided an introduction into the support services role and equipment. [slidepress gallery='crw'] Photo Credit: SLD 2011 Airman Parry: I hate acronyms, so I'm only going to try to give…