The Aussies Are Buying Two Additional C-17s

04/14/2015: Earlier, we interviewed the current Air Mobility Commander for the RAAF and his predecessor. Both emphasized the significant impact of the C-17 and the KC-30A on the reach and range of the RAAF. Now the Australian government has announced the formal decision to add two more C-17s…

RAAF C-17s Deliver Blackhawks in Support of Vanuatu Relief Effort

03/26/2015:In this video from the Australian Ministry of Defence, RAAF personnel describe the process of lifting Blackhawks to the Island of Vanuatu. And  Blackhawk operators describe their contribution as well. Credit Video: Australian Ministry of Defence: March 23, 2015.

Loading MRAPs onto a C-17

03/10/2015: Airmen from the 386th LRS Aerial Porters help load MRAPs onto a C-17 with 386th Expeditionary Operations Group Credit:386th Expeditionary Operations Group:12/30/14 MRAPs are large and heavy vehicles and approximately three can be carried at a time by C-17s. By ship, although slower, is a more rational way to…

Visiting the 33rd Squadron, RAAF, Amberly Air Base, Australia

03/04/2014: Second Line of Defense is visiting Australia and discussing with the Australian Air Force some of their modernizations in shaping new capabilities for Australian and Pacific defense. Clearly, one such new capability is the 5-ship squadron of A330MRTT tankers, or the KC-30A. The host for the visit to Amberly…