Marine AAVs Drift on Norwegian Ice Track

03/29/2016: The Norwegian Telemark Battalion instructs U.S. Marine amphibious assault vehicle personnel from 2nd Amphibious Assault Battalion on techniques of driving tracked vehicles in winter conditions on an ice track in Rena, Norway, Feb. 15.  In the weeks leading up to exercise Cold Response 16, at the end of the month,…

USAF Support to Marines During Cold Response Exercise

03/17/2016: United States Airmen from 9th Airlift Squadron delivered two CH-53 helicopters aboard a C-5 aircraft to Værnes Garrison in Norway in order to support U.S. Marines as the prepared for Exercise COLD RESPONSE 16, on February 15, 2016. The Marines used helicopters to provide air support to ground units during the…

Field Life During Cold Response 16

03/14/2016: Marines with various units reveal their daily lives in the field during Exercise Cold Response 16 in Norway, March 4 and 5, 2016. Cold Response brings together 13 NATO allies and partner nations to enhance crisis response capabilities in cold weather environments. Credit:II Marine Expeditionary Force:3/5/16

U.S. Marines During Cold Response 16

03/11/2016: U.S. Marines conduct an amphibious assault in Namsos, Norway the morning of March 3, 2016, during Exercise Cold Response 16. The exercise is a Norwegian invitational comprised of 13 NATO partners and allies working together to strengthen partnerships and crisis response capabilities.  Credit: II MEF:3/3/16  

Winter-Survival Training in Norway

02/25/2016: The Norwegian Telemark Battalion instructs U.S. Marines from the Combined Arms Company, Novo Selo, Bulgaria, techniques to survive in winter conditions in Rena, Norway, Feb. 16. In the weeks leading up to exercise Cold Response 16, at the end of the month, the two nations will conduct bilateral training to…