Air Traffic Control: Afghanistan

10/04/2011: Interviews regarding how thousands of aircraft travel the skies of Afghanistan providing supplies, travel, and air support for troops throughout the country. Air Traffic Controllers at FOB Wolverine, Afghanistan, help keep helicopters on course. Credit: American Forces Network Afghanistan: 09/01/2011

The Tigers: Part of the “Musketeer Task Force” in Afghanistan

Born in 1976 from a Franco-German initiative and deployed for the first time in a theater of operation last July, three French Tiger helicopters from the Pau-based "5e RHC" (5e Régiment d’Hélicoptères de Combats) are now part of the "Musketeer Task Force" deployed at Kabul airport (along with three EC725…

NATO HIP Helicopter Task Force Gets Momentum

On October 23rd, 2009 during the NATO Defense Ministers meeting in Bratislava,  nine NATO Allies signed a declaration of intent to contribute to the Czech-lead initiative to develop a multi-national transport helicopter programme for NATO (see: HIP helicopter initiative) and facilitate in-theater deployment of  these  much-needed air assets. The nine countries…