Raptors in Crown Royal 16-1 Exercise: Honing Combat Readiness

12/31/2015: According to Senior Airman Solomon Cook from the 325th Fighter Wing Pubkic Affairs in a piece published on 11/10/15: Tyndall participated in exercise Crown Royal 16-1 Nov. 2 through6 to improve warfighting skills by simulating a deployment of 15 F-22 Raptors. "The purpose of the exercise was to hone skills…

Raptors at Red Flag 2015

02/22/2015: Raptors in the Middle East are operating the fifth generation way. After their up front kinetic operations, the F-22s play a major role working with the fleet to identify threats and targets for the legacy fleet. As a Typhoon pilot put it: “F-22s enhance the survivability and lethality of…

49th Wing Launches F-22s During Exercise

The 49th Wing launches 15 F-22 Raptors during a Phase One Operational Readiness Exercise, Feb. 29.The Raptor launch marked the completion of the three-day exercise to ensure the wing is trained and equipped to deploy in support of wartime and contingency operations worldwide. 49th Wing Launches F-22s During Exercise from SldInfo.com…

Raptors return to flight

9/28/2011: This slideshow highlights the return to flight by F-22s.  These photos show Raptors taking off from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, Sept. 21, after a four-month stand down. [slidepress gallery='raptors-return-to-flight'] Photo Credit:Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Public Affairs