Lt. General Davis Visits CH-53K

06/06/2017: General Jon M. Davis, Deputy Commandant of Aviation, conducts an interview during a visit to Sikorsky, the future production site of the new CH-53K King Stallion, in Stratford, Conn. May 3, 2017. UNITED STATES:05.03.2017 Video by Lance Cpl. Molly Hampton:Headquarters Marine Corps

The CH-53K: A Logistical Force Multiplier

Adding a Core USMC Capability: The CH-53K As A Logistical Force Multiplier An Interview with Major Jeff “Kingpin” Davis [caption id="attachment_12160" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Major Jeff "Kingpin" Davis (Credit photo: SLD, September 2010)"][/caption] 10/16/2010 - The Afghan war and the Iraqi operations have been tough on the rotorcraft supporting US forces. …