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By Robbin Laird The Sir Richard Williams Foundation Seminar on 30 March 2023 focused on the way ahead with regard to deterrence of adversaries in the region, notably with both the behavior and the capabilities of the PRC in mind. The question of refocusing the role of the ADF in the defense of Australia and its role in the region was a key element for consideration. Clearly, the joint force focus is significant but is…

Manufacturing the F-35

02/16/2012Slideshow: Manufacturing the F-35 Read more »

An Update on F-35 Manufacturability

01/30/2012Frank Dougherty, Vice President, F-35 Production Operations provided an update on F-35 manufacturability.  Dougherty has extensive experience with both the F-22 and the F-16, and has significant domain… Read more »

An Update on F-35 Manufacturability: The Global Perspective

01/22/2012Foreign orders have changed the order flow and lead to the focus on manufacturability.  Lockheed is in the throes of manufacturing 4 a month. Read more »

The F-35 Manufacturing Approach

08/12/2009Much lost in the U.S. scurrying for dollars in dealing with "overseas contingency operations" and paying for the Obama "stimulus package" and "health care reform" is the significant… Read more »