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By Robbin Laird The U.S. faces a vastly different world than when it primarily focused on land wars post-9/11. Today it faces a multi-polar authoritarian world, with adversaries and competitors with both shared and competing interests, capabilities, and approaches to the use of military force to achieve objectives. With that in mind, how does the U.S. train a naval force to operate in such a world? And how do you draw on relevant U.S. joint…

Konigsberg and the F-35

06/15/2012Norway and USA have agreed to collaborate on integration of Joint Strike Missile (JSM) on F-35. This opens great opportunities for KONGSBERG and other Norwegian industry. Today Defence… Read more »

Japan to Purchase First 4 F-35As, June 2012

06/15/2012Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense, Shu Watanabe, revealed at the House of Representatives Security Council that Japan and the U.S. would seal a contract to purchase first four… Read more »

MCAS Yuma Invests Almost $400M Prior to Arrival of F-35 Squadrons

06/12/2012By Joyce Lobeck for the Yuma Sun Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is bustling with activity as it prepares for the November or December arrival of the first… Read more »

Enabling the Global F-35 Fleet: Shaping a Common Logistical Approach

06/08/2012Building a 21st century fighter from the ground up with Unique Item Identification built in. Read more »

Heritage Event on F-35 and Allies

06/08/2012On June 7, 2012, one day after the D-Day remembrance, Heritage Foundation held an event on the F-35 and allies. The focus of the meeting was identified as… Read more »

The Aussie Air Chief on the Strategic Need for the F-35

06/07/2012Air Chief Wants Major Military Spend By David Ellery The Sydney Morning Herald http://www.smh.com.au/national/air-force-chief-wants-major-military-spend-20120606-1zvy6.html Excerpts: A hawkish Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Geoff Brown, has called for… Read more »

The Impact of the F-35B: Strategic Deterrence with Tactical Flexibility

05/27/2012The strategic deterrence, with tactical flexibility, of the F-35B is in the recovery part of an air campaign when they return from a combat mission. Read more »

Turkey assertive in aeronautics business

05/25/2012İZMİR – Anatolia News Agency Turkey can be as significant a production base in aeronautics as it is in automotives, Turkey’s Defense Industries Undersecretary Murad Bayar said yesterday,… Read more »