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On September 28, 2022, the Williams Foundation hosted its latest seminar. The focus was on the challenges which need to be addressed in making the biggest change to Australian defence seen in recent memory. Rather than focusing on the away games and support for its major ally in such efforts, the focus was returning to the direct defence of Australia and what needs to be done with an adversary which can cut Australia off from…

The Farnbourgh Airshow 2012: Glimpses of the Future

07/06/2012A look at the upcoming Farnbourgh Air Show 2012. Read more »

F-35 Program Update, July 1, 2012

07/04/2012These slides provide highlights of F-35 program developments through the end of June 2012. Read more »

Shaping Redundant Response U.S. Military Space Capabilities

07/01/2012The entire C5ISR enterprise built into a honeycomb is the correct response and approach to shaping the attack and defense global reach enterprise. Read more »

The F-35: The Impact of a Global Fleet

07/01/2012Rather than taking a platform centric perspective, thinking about the F-35 as a global fleet provides significant understanding of the capabilities inherent in the system. Read more »

The Japanese Buy Their First F-35s: Building Blocks for a Global Fleet

06/29/2012The Japanese announce their purchase of initial F-35s. Read more »

Shaping a Strike and Defense Enterprise: The Role of DAS

06/27/2012The F-35 is the first combat aircraft that sees completely around itself, thanks to its Distributed Aperture System, a new sensor concept in air combat. Read more »

MBDA Spear missile and the F-35

06/27/2012MBDA like most weapon makers understand the importance of working with the F-35 program. Read more »

F-35 DAS and Radar Demonstrate Ability to Detect, Track, Target Ballistic Missiles

06/26/2012Distributed Aperture System (DAS) and AN/APG-81 F-35 radar detect, track and target multiple rocket launches. Read more »

Quickstep signs contract for even more advanced F-35 composites

06/25/2012The agreement with Northrop Gumman covers production until 2020 of ‘Group 2’ JSF components, which are said to be more complex aircraft components that will be used in… Read more »