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On September 28, 2022, the Williams Foundation hosted its latest seminar. The focus was on the challenges which need to be addressed in making the biggest change to Australian defence seen in recent memory. Rather than focusing on the away games and support for its major ally in such efforts, the focus was returning to the direct defence of Australia and what needs to be done with an adversary which can cut Australia off from…

Turkey to Buy Two Planes in Second F-35 Shipment

09/05/2012Update on Turkey and the F-35 program. Read more »

F-35 Weapons Loading Training at Eglin AFB

09/05/2012During my visit to Eglin AFB, the weapons loading training machine was explained to me as a key part of the training process. Read more »

An Update on the F-35 at Eglin AFB: “I was just flying.”

09/04/2012An update on progress at the Integrated Training Center at Eglin AFB. Read more »

Indiana, Rolls Royce and the F-35

09/03/2012Indiana is a key state where F-35 production is taking place. Read more »

Pump It Up: The F-35 Fuel System

09/01/2012A look at the F-35 fuel system from the perspective of a mechanical engineer. Read more »

The F-35: Built with Gear-Heads in Mind

09/01/2012Gear Heads and the F-35 go together. Read more »

F-35 Opens the Door to True Cooperation of Forces

08/30/2012The potential for cooperation among U.S. armed forces as well as coalition forces all using the F-35 variants is significant. Read more »

Sorties 199 and 200 for the F-35 At Eglin AFB

08/28/2012Photos of F-35Bs involved in sorties 199 and 200 on August 24, 2012. Read more »

A Day in the Life of the F-35 and the Integrated Training Center

08/28/2012This briefing provides an overview of the integrated training center built to support F-35 joint and coalition training. Read more »