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By Robbin Laird For the Australians, it is called fifth generation warfare. For the British, it is called the integrated operating concept. For DARPA, it is called mosaic warfare. For me, it is kill web concepts of operations. But what is entailed is building a distributed force that is integratable throughout an extended battlespace, in which the force is able to distribute sensors and strike systems to enhance the force’s survivability and lethality. The kill…

F-35 Fighter Attracts Foreign Interest

07/12/2012More than 25 countries have expressed interest in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Read more »

An Interview with the First “Regular” Pilot of the F-35

07/12/2012Video: An interview with the first non-test pilot for the F-35 training process. Read more »

The Few, the Proud: The American Defenders

07/10/2012Secretary Wynne looks at the challenges of pushing modernization of U.S. forces further down the road.  Read more »

More Operational-Coded F-35s than Test Aircraft for DOD

07/10/2012A total of nine F-35s have been delivered for the year, giving the DOD a total of 30 aircraft fleet-wide. Read more »

F-35 Flight Test Progress (July 2012)

07/10/2012Since December 2006, F-35s have flown 2,355 times and accrued more than 3,700 cumulative flight hours. Read more »

The Farnbourgh Airshow 2012: Glimpses of the Future

07/06/2012A look at the upcoming Farnbourgh Air Show 2012. Read more »

F-35 Program Update, July 1, 2012

07/04/2012These slides provide highlights of F-35 program developments through the end of June 2012. Read more »

Shaping Redundant Response U.S. Military Space Capabilities

07/01/2012The entire C5ISR enterprise built into a honeycomb is the correct response and approach to shaping the attack and defense global reach enterprise. Read more »

The F-35: The Impact of a Global Fleet

07/01/2012Rather than taking a platform centric perspective, thinking about the F-35 as a global fleet provides significant understanding of the capabilities inherent in the system. Read more »