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By Robbin Laird For the Australians, it is called fifth generation warfare. For the British, it is called the integrated operating concept. For DARPA, it is called mosaic warfare. For me, it is kill web concepts of operations. But what is entailed is building a distributed force that is integratable throughout an extended battlespace, in which the force is able to distribute sensors and strike systems to enhance the force’s survivability and lethality. The kill…

The Japanese Buy Their First F-35s: Building Blocks for a Global Fleet

06/29/2012The Japanese announce their purchase of initial F-35s. Read more »

Shaping a Strike and Defense Enterprise: The Role of DAS

06/27/2012The F-35 is the first combat aircraft that sees completely around itself, thanks to its Distributed Aperture System, a new sensor concept in air combat. Read more »

MBDA Spear missile and the F-35

06/27/2012MBDA like most weapon makers understand the importance of working with the F-35 program. Read more »

F-35 DAS and Radar Demonstrate Ability to Detect, Track, Target Ballistic Missiles

06/26/2012Distributed Aperture System (DAS) and AN/APG-81 F-35 radar detect, track and target multiple rocket launches. Read more »

Quickstep signs contract for even more advanced F-35 composites

06/25/2012The agreement with Northrop Gumman covers production until 2020 of ‘Group 2’ JSF components, which are said to be more complex aircraft components that will be used in… Read more »

Allies and the F-35: Getting on With It

06/24/2012A new approach to Allies and global reach is inherent in the F-35 program. Read more »

New Australian F-35 Facility

06/22/2012Quickstep Technologies Pty Ltd. opened a new F-35 related facility in Bankstown, Australia Read more »

The Norwegian F-35 Decision: Understanding the Impact of Weapons Integration

06/21/2012Integration on the Norwegian F-35 provides an instant global marketplace for Kongsberg. Read more »

A Marine Corps Perspective on the F-35: Getting on With It

06/17/2012The head of Aviation Weapons Requirements in the USMC on the F-35B. Read more »