Supply Chain Management Innovation: Building Smart Networks


2015-03-09 Logistics and supply chain management reform is a key part of shaping effective 21st century military and security operations.

A key element of such reforms has been building when and where possible into the supply chain sensors, which allow an ability to track the movement of parts, and where possible building a life-cycle understanding of key parts as well.

The Connected Edge

A market leader in shaping innovative approaches to leveraging sensors to generate operational intelligence for more effective supply chain management is GlobeRanger, a Fujitsu company based in Richardson, Texas.

We are looking at the challenge of logistics and supply chain reform, and are examining the approach of GlobeRanger to leveraging sensors, and software to yield significant improvement in supply and logistics chain management.

In this white paper, the CEO of the company, George Brody explains the underlying approach which can yield a significant strategic inflection point for the defense sector as well as the commercial sector.

According to Andy Grove, former Chairman of Intel Corporation, there are strategic inflection points in businesses, technologies and the life of a company.

These inflection points are a “convergence of forces making sudden and rapid change inevitable” and they create “full-scale changes in the way business is conducted.”

By this definition, the next inflection point could be RFID and sensor-based networks.

Tagging everything from tires to hospital equipment to clothing is expected in the next few years.

This change, which will impact current supply chain operations and the logistics associated with moving goods, is driven by a set of new standards, adoption by key companies and the delivery of new technologies that connect the edge of the supply chain.

For the full white paper download the paper here: