The iMotion Edgeware Platform: Reshaping the Logistics Enterprise


At the time of GlobeRanger’s purchase by Fujitsu, one Dallas Business Journal writer described the acquisition this way:

GlobeRanger has been operating since 1999 and has grown to employ about 20 people who have helped contribute to the development and promotion of its iMotion Edgeware platform, which works to simplify the development, deployment and management of RFID, mobile and sensor-based solutions.

The focus of this writer was upon GlobeRanger’s proprietary “secret sauce,” namely the iMotion Edgeware platform and correlated solution sets.

The company has created a proprietary software engine –iMotion – which has underpinned a family of enabling solution sets which the company has grown from one to several enabling solution sets.

Those enabling solution sets have then been applied to different product areas and a diversity of industry experience has been generated which then in turn allows a cross fertilization to other industrial experiences.

For example, this means that the defense solution sets have benefited from the commercial experience of GlobeRanger and vice versa.

What can be missed is that the shift in logistics management enabled by the new technologies is really a cultural shift.

Rather than having supply chain of segments dependent on local reporting sent back to the core, what can evolve is domain knowledge of the supply chain itself with appropriate levels of decision making to the relevant domain knowledge base.

It is also about enhanced safety and security in terms of creating more capable supply chain custody control, which with regard to defense and security items is not just nice to have but indispensable to the performance of the entire enterprise.

According to GlobeRanger, the key foundational element by which they have generated innovative logistical solutions is built around iMotion inside various solution sets.

GlobeRanger Corporation pioneered the creation of an information processing software infrastructure at the edge of the enterprise.

This enables companies to harness data generated outside traditional IT environments to improve their business processes and move closer to being real-time organizations.

The advent of low-cost RFID tags and reader technology is creating a tidal wave of real-time, item level and sensor information.

In order to harness the value of this exponentially growing edge data, companies must have the ability to collect information from a variety of devices, apply business context to generate meaningful information and integrate with existing systems to determine appropriate action.

iMotion™ is built for production scale implementations of RFID/mobile/sensor technologies and provides the comprehensive infrastructure to control devices, manage networks and transform data to optimize business processes.

For a GlobeRanger explanation of the iMotion Edgeware Platform see the following:

iMotion Platform