An Update on Women and the Super Tucano


05/28/2011 By Robbin Laird

In an earlier piece, our colleague discussed the political silly season in Washington DC evidenced by the quality of the “debate” about a developmental aircraft versus a non-developmental aircraft for a non-developmental contract.

One of the supporters of the developmental aircraft suggested that the Super Tucano, which is the aircraft ready, now (remember how well this worked in the air tanker campaign where being ready now is not really significant as it used to be in my youth) was somehow biased against the physique of women.

Now I have had a virtual lifetime interest in the physique of women and found this of interest.

As Ed noted: To imply some how using female ergonomics arguments that a nation with a Female President is not building an attack aircraft for female pilots is amazing. The US still does not have a female President. But the old saying still works—a picture is worth a thousand words-  Picking a fight with Brazil over women is also not the way to go.

And then Ed provided us with a picture of a female ST pilot which certainly seemed to rest his case.

In Second Line of Defense’s tireless quest for truth for our readers, I was able to track down a Portuguese pilot with ST experience.  And in intense discussions on this and other issues, I asked this young lady whether she had had difficulty fitting her torso into the ST.  She assured me she did not and commented that the ST was a terrific aircraft for men too!

I enclose her picture to substantiate my tireless field work.