An Update on the F-35B Transition



Admiral Scott During the Briefing Aboard the USS Wasp on the F-35B Test Program Credit: SLD

Second Line of Defense visited Marine Corps Air Station Yuma during the first week of October and talked with the leadership and workers building the new infrastructure for the F-35 at the Marine Corps Air Station Y.  In addition, wide ranging discussions with the staff of MAWTS focused on how the curriculum is changing to shape the new approach to V-22 and F-35.

Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 is the premier USMC tactics and training squadron for the Corps.  We discussed the V-22 and F-35 transition with key members of MAWTS and will be posting pieces in the coming days.

Today SLD participated in the media event on the USS Wasp and the continuing F-35B flight tests.  The tests are going well and in coming days we will have interviews with the commanding Admiral aboard the WASP discussing the impact of the new equipment on the ARG, what we call the newly enabled ARG and with test pilots as well as an overview of the test regime from senior personnel involved in the test regime.  The much reported problems with heat on the deck and other issues appear to be non-issues.  Noticeably, the F-35B needs only about 50% of the WASP deck to take-off, which is a clear indication that there are many ships on which this bird can land and take-off.

The photo below was shot from the rear of our Osprey as we were preparing to leave the USS Wasp and represents the future of the USN-USMC team and the nation as the next century of Naval Aviation unfolds.

The Next 100 Years of Naval Aviation Unfolds Credit: SLD