Remembering Pearl Harbor the PRC Way


December 7, 2011 by Ed Timperlake

President Hu of the Peoples Republic of China sounds “General Quarters” on the eve of Pearl Harbor Day in calling for the PLAN to make ready for combat and the US response is a call for “Transparency”.

Inside the Beltway Strategists are Unworried Facing 2012. Credit:

There is no need for a specific source because over 400 worldwide media outlets of all types essentially read and some reported the US official response-

George Little DOD spokesman– “We have repeatedly called for transparency from the Chinese and that’s part of the relationship we’re continuing to build with the Chinese military.”

State Department spokesman Mark Toner said separately: “We want to see stronger military-to-military ties with China and we want to see greater transparency. That helps answer questions we might have about Chinese intentions.”

Amazingly, the President of China calls the PLA to prepare for combat and we want to work with them to figure out what are Chinese intentions.

J-20 introduced on Gates visit, bumper boats against unarmed USNS ships in South China Sea–not to mention blustery naval action impinging on Japan, Vietnam and even India.

How much more transparent does China have to be?