The UAE and A Nuclear Iran


Key states in the Middle East are increasingly operating under the assumption that Iran will become a nuclear power and are bolstering their defenses to deal with the prospect of an emboldened Iran.

In many ways, the UAE is the key state in shaping a comprehensive policy.  UAE policy makers have been acquiring a number of key air and naval assets to deal with a more active Iran and the possible emergence of a nuclear Iran.  Air defense systems, new naval systems, F-16 Block 60s and related equipment have been procured but remain more stove piped than integrated.  This is why building an air operations center – which really is a combat integration center – is central to dealing with the new Iran.

There is also less tolerance for any Western or Russian arms vendors who are not willing to supply parts, help maintain products and to be prepared to fight along side the UAE against Iran.  The UAE will look to enhance local supply capabilities but also to ensure security of supply.

There will be a concerted effort to better integrate the equipment they have and to set in motion acquisition efforts which can bear fruit as Iran becomes a nuclear power.

In the coming weeks we will publish more on this evolving topic.  But we would like to highlight for our readers reports we are making available on the web site which deal with the evolving defense policies and markets of the key states which are bolstering their capabilities in light of Iranian dynamics. For a comprehensive look at the evolution of UAE defense industry, we have available a report from ICD Research.The report provides a look at the following key issues:

  • Analysis of defense industry market size from 2005 through 2010 and forecasts till 2016
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  • Market entry strategy
  • Competitive landscape and strategic insights
  • Business environment and country risk.
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