Benin and Togo: Meeting the Piracy Challenges


The upsurge in piracy attacks in the Bight of Benin in 2011 forced Benin to improve its maritime capabilities.

Since late September 2011, joint patrols with Nigeria (Operation Prosperity) have significantly reduced the number of reported attacks within 40 nautical miles (nm) of Cotonou.

Despite recent acquisitions of modern patrol vessels, Benin is likely to re­main dependent on Nigeria to control piracy in the short term. Togo has been less affected by regional piracy, but the Togolese Brigade Maritime has imposed a 0.5 nm security dis­tance around vessels anchored off Lomé.

The Togolese armed forces have intervened in several piracy attacks.

For a comprehensive look at the current situation and the impact of international  efforts to augment the capabilities of Benin and Togo to fight the piracy plague see Strategic Insights No. 40.