The Latest Second Line of Defense Publicaton: Air Mobility and Mission Success


2012-10-09 In a new book, Second Line of Defense provides a broad overview on the evolution of air mobility.

Air power is increasingly about integration of air assets into the full spectrum of military and security operations.

The book is a compilation of interviews that have been published on the Second Line of Defense website and translated articles published in the magazine Soutien Logistique Défense in addition to material that is exclusive to this publication.

The book also includes some exclusive Second Line of Defense photos of French forces in Afghanistan as seen by our embedded reporter.

The book is composed of two parts.

The first part looks at current operations and the role of air mobility within those operations.

And the second part focuses on the evolution of air mobility capabilities and their projected impact on future operations.

Covered are USCG operations, French military operations, the role of the Military Sealift Command, air refueling and multinational airlift operations and other cases as well.


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