USAF Chief of Staff, Mark Welsh, III Visits the F-35 Factory


2012-10-25 The new USAF COS underscored the importance of the F-35 to USAF and its approach to air superiority and operations in denied air space.

The F-35 brings several core capabilities to the USAF in shaping its evolving approach to global combat presence and capability.

First, the aircraft is a low observable aircraft, which allows it to operate in contested air space with greater flexibility.

Second, the aircraft incorporates electronic attack and defense capabilities.  It is what we have called a Tron Warfare aircraft.

Third, the aircraft has significant payload for delivering evolving weapons capabilities.

Fourth, the aircraft carries integrated combat systems, which provide for a whole new generation of sensors.

And as a software upgradeable aircraft, it will evolve over time in its capacity to deploy sensors and to integrate the data of the sensors.

Fifth, the plane can be built in sufficient quantity to make a difference.  It is not a boutique aircraft.

The F-35 as a fleet for the services and the allies will create a significant strategic impact.