The National Computer Quality Supervising Center: A Core Chinese Dual Use Technology Capability


China’s NCTC has been established and organized to promote national industrial electronic information scientific and technical development.

The NCTC, through its own public documentation, is explicitly set up as a dual-use information technology industry support organization.

The NCTC provides national professional test services for products such as computers, computer peripherals, computer network equipment, fiscal cash registers, second generation identity card reading (verification) equipment, computer room equipment and engineering, printed circuit boards, electronic components, integrated network cabling, software, IC card and equipment, RFID and equipment, and computer energy savings.

No overarching organization comparable to the NCTC is known to exist in the US or in any other major Western IT industrial state.

The NCTC is an integral component of the Chinese government policy-driven infrastructure for IT equipment design and testing, which has resulted in an increasingly innovative industry that has expanded China’s share of the global telecommunications and IT equipment market.

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