The Evolution of Training for the Afghan Air Force: As Seen in the Video Record


2013-03-18 What follows are several videos which highlight the path in Afghan pilot training since 2008.

In the first video, the Armed Forces Network Afghanistan highlights the inauguration ceremony for the start of the first Afghan Air Force flight school class of seven students was highlighted on 12/10/11.

They are the first pilots to be trained in Afghanistan for Afghans in more than 30 years.

Here is an additional video looking at the pilot inauguration effort.

“These seven flight students are the future of the Afghan Air Force.”

These seven Afghans graduated from Thunder Lab and transitioned to the new Afghan training program. Seven Afghan Air Force members graduating from the Thunder Lab, a program that helps students learn leadership, aviation and English language knowledge. These seven are also selected to go to Shindand Air Base for further training. Scenes include aircraft maintenance, and the graduation ceremony. Includes soundbites from graduate 1LT Shappor Bakhshi, and Lt. Col. Daryl Sassaman, who’s in charge of the Thunder Lab.

In the following video, Afghan pilots are training on a Russian aircraft and using Russian language skills.

In the following 2012 video, the UK role in pilot training is highlighted.

In the following 2010 video, training is being provided by the USAF to Afghan pilots at Kandahar, Afghanistan.  In this video, the Afghan pilots are learning to fly Western style.  “We are teaching them to fly by parameters, not just by feel.”

Credit: NATO Training Mission, 5/31/10.

In the following 2009 video, Afghan pilots prepare for training over 18 months on the C-27J.

In the following 2008 video, the state of play in Afghan training at that time.