Japan and the Chinese Challenge


2013-04-02 In a report published in 2012, the Japanese Institute for Defense Studies provided an overview of the evolving challenge posed by how the Chinese are pursuing their defense and security efforts.  The report is the third in a series and focuses upon Chinese decision-making and policy coordination involving the People’s Liberation Army.

In our forthcoming book on the remaking of American military capabilities to deal with 21st century Pacific challenges we highlight the key role which maritime security plays in shaping various aspects of the evolving Pacific challenges.  One of the issues highlighted in the report is the Chinese approach to maritime security, which is creating insecurity in the Pacific region.

The paragraph below gives one a sense of how these Japanese analysts are looking at the Chinese approach and the challenge, which it poses.

Another key theme examined in the report is the growing global activity of the PLA in operations other than war.  The report provided an interesting look at the decision-making approach in China which has led to the Chinese become players in global counter-piracy operations.

In other words, the report looks at the expanded role of the PLA in Chinese decision-making and global policy as part of an evolving Chinese approach.  There is little expectation that the PLA’s appetite for regional and global reach is not broadly supported by the Chinese Communist leadership.

For the report entitled, NIDS China Security Report, 2012, please go here: