An Update on the A400M, May 2013


2013-05-31 During the Airbus Military Trade Media Briefing 2013, held on May 29th and 30th 2013, the trade press had an opportunity to fly on the A400M.

After watching the plane emerge over the past few years, it was exciting to have the opportunity to fly the plane.

Noticeably quiet inside the plane, journalists noted the rapid ascent off a short take off and the smooth ride for a large cargo plane.

The plane is designed to combine the ability to operate C-130 “like” with the kind of oversized loads, which the C-17 can carry.

At the event, the head of the A400M program, Cedric Gautier, briefed the press on the progress of the plane and the upcoming deliveries to the French and Turkish Air Forces in 2013.

Two A400Ms will be seen at the upcoming Paris Air Show, with the first French Air Force one seen on the static display.

Gautier can be seen here during the flight (right) talking with the flight test engineer.

For an update on the test program for the A400M as it comes into service see the following: