The Joint Strike Missile for the Joint Strike Fighter


2013-06-14 According to a UPI article published on June 10. 2013 and bylined from Norway, the next step in fitting the Kongsberg missile onto the F-35 has taken place.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter by Kongsberg of Norway has successfully completed a second fit test.

The testing conducted by Kongsberg and Lockheed involved fitting the Joint Strike Missile into the internal carriage bay of the aircraft and followed tests in which the weapon was fitted onto the F-35’s external pylons.

“JSM is a true fifth generation missile,” said Harald Annestad, president of Kongsberg Defense Systems, “the first long-range, stealthy and passive, sea — and land-target precision strike missile developed for the JSF. The combined capability of the JSF and JSM provides JSF users with unique and innovative strike capabilities.”

The Joint Strike Missile, based on the company’s naval missile, is a long-range, low-observable stand-off weapon engineered for internal carriage on the F-35A and F-35C variants of JSF to enable the aircraft to maintain its stealth characteristics.

It features a low radar signature and capabilities such as sea-skimming, variable speed, range and high-g maneuvers.

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