Transitioning from Standup to Withdrawal in the U.S. Relief Effort in the Phillipines


2013-11-26  A key aspect of the approach of the US forces spearheaded by the initial USMC insertion efforts is to transition and withdraw.

This is an important process and not just for relief efforts with regard to storms.

Our stories have focused on the ability to get an initial force in place to help support initial relief efforts and to establish an infrastructure from which the main effort can be generated.

We are not going to focus significantly on what happens afterwards, for the military assisting in bringing order out of chaos and laying down some key infrastructure from which the general relief effort can succeed is its primary mission area.

In this video, the process of transitioning from relief aid to recovery efforts after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is discussed by several people engaged in the transition including, Brig Gen. Paul Kennedy, Commanding General, 3rd MEB and Capt. Roy Trinidad, Philippine Navy Seals.

American Forces Network Okinawa