F-35C Testing Progresses: High Angle of Attack Tests


2014-02-13 An F-35C aircraft flies a high angle of attack intentional departure test flight in November 2013.

The video includes comments from the pilots and engineers testing the F-35C carrier variant’s high angle of attack capabilities at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md.

Earlier we wrote about our visit to the Grim Reaper squadron at Eglin AFB:

A key aspect, which is not widely appreciated, is the impact of the design focus on a JOINT strike fighter (JSF) on the USN F-35C variant of the aircraft.  As Commander “Rags” Dorn XO of F-35-C squadron the “Grim Reapers” put it during the visit:

The USN benefits from being co-located on Eglin, AFB with our JOINT Strike Fighter sister services.

Flying the last JSF variant to be introduced, the Navy has been harvesting the work the USAF and USMC have done on the plane as we stand up our squadron.

We have worked closely with our sister services as they received delivery and began initial flight operations over the past year and we are leveraging their experience to shape the way ahead for the JSF aircraft carrier variant.

The USN is going last among the three US services to operate the F-35.

Consequently they benefit from a number of efforts by the USMC and the USAF as they IOC their aircraft before the USN does.

There is simply the fact that Grim Reapers are literally across the hall from VMFAT-501 “Warlords” and also in close proximity with USAF 33rd Wing  “Nomads”.

Both AF and Marine pilots will have logged significant flying experience with the F-35 and the pilots can freely discuss their experiences with the USN. Flying safety lessons learned will be invaluable.

The ready rooms are where the air power revolution occurs.


Credit Video: Lockheed Martin