Maritime Robotics: Boeing and Liquid Robotics Work on Maritime Solutions


2014-09-24 According to a piece published by our partner AUVSI, Boeing and Liquid Robotics have signed a Multiyear Agreement for Maritime Defense Solutions.

Aviation giant Boeing and unmanned maritime company Liquid Robotics have signed a global multiyear agreement to collaborate on product development, maritime services and operational deployment.

Wave Glider SV3 Photo courtesy Liquid Robotics Inc.
Wave Glider SV3 Photo courtesy Liquid Robotics Inc.

First priorities for the companies include developing total integrated solutions for antisubmarine warfare, maritime domain awareness and other maritime defense applications, according to a company press release.

“Together, Boeing and Liquid Robotics will provide customers an integrated, seafloor-to-space capability for long-duration maritime defense,” says Gary Gysin, president and CEO of Liquid Robotics.  

Boeing will help propel Liquid Robotics’ Wave Glider autonomous ocean vehicle lineup with its experience in multilayered intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions both in development and in the field, says the release.

“This relationship allows the Boeing-Liquid Robotics team to solve maritime security and surveillance challenges in entirely new and highly effective ways and provides highly unprecedented capability and value to customers worldwide,” says Boeing Defense, Space and Security President and CEO Chris Chadwick.