What Do the Australian KC-30A and Rafale Have in Common? The Operation Against ISIL


2014-10-10 The Australian KC-30A tanker has been an integral part of the ability of Australian forces to self-deploy from Australia to engage in operations against the ISIL.

We will have an interview soon discussing this evolution of Australian capabilities and what it means for the future of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF),

The tanker is clearly a coalition asset and is being used as such in the operation.

One aircraft which has been refueled by the Australian KC-30A is the French Air Force Rafael.

The following photos have been provided by the RAAF of the air refueling and have been posted on the Australian Aviation website:


The RAAF KC-30A deployed to the Middle East refueled French Armée de l’Air Rafale F1 fighter jets over Iraq on Friday (October 3, 2014).

KC-30A A39-002 is part of the RAAF’s 400 personnel strong Air Task Group deployed to Al Minhad Air Base near Dubai in the UAE, and began flying operational missions over Iraq in support of anti-IS missions on October 1.

In the video below, a Rafale with the new Reconnaissance targeting pod which was first used in the Libyan operation is being refueled by a coalition tanker.

Thursday, October 2two Rafale fighters have conducted a new mission over Iraq in the Mosul area to assist the Iraqi armed forces in their fight against the terrorist group Daech (ISIS)

This was the first night flight mission carried out by French aircraft since the launch of Operation Chammal.

Below, these Rafales refueling over Iraq at night – video courtesy of Forces Francaises.