Spanish Soldiers Board LCAC Being Launched by USS Arlington During Bold Alligator 2014


11/01/2014: Bold Alligator 2014 is a crisis response exercise and continues the work of BA 2012 and BA 2013.

It is about calibrating insertion forces against various threats. 

The forces are American and coalition with several nations contributing ships, and combat personnel to both the planning and execution of the missions.

The exercise involves working with an evolving C2 capability to manage forces operating throughout key objective areas.

The presence of the Osprey allows the US and its allies to operate against longer range objective areas as well as other objective areas reachable by rotorcraft and reinforced by landing forces. 

The sea base is characterized by logistical integrity meaning the insertion forces can be supported by the sea base, and it is not necessary to build forward operating bases or to land significant supplies ashore in order to prosecute missions.

It is a force  tailored to crisis management, as opposed to having to rely on bringing significant forces ashore along with their gear in order to mount operations. 

In this video, Spanish soldiers are seen boarding and LCAC being launched aboard the USS Arlington.

Credit Video: Second Line of Defense