Integrating Innovative Air Power – Facing 21st Century Strategic Challenges


2015-02-08 Copenhagen Air Power Symposium

Denmark will soon integrate new combat jets into its military.

This symposium will discuss how medium and small air forces such as those of Denmark, Australia, the UK, and the USMC can use new airpower capabilities to generate innovative concepts of operations that increase joint combat power to address regional and global security issues in the coming years.

Danish Conference

Confirmed speakers include:

– Dr. Gary Schaub (Centre for Military Studies)

– Air Vice Marshal (ret) John Blackburn (Royal Australian Air Force/Williams Foundation)

– Dr. Peter Viggo Jakobsen (Royal Danish Defence College)

– Mr. Robbin Laird (USAF Association Mitchell Institute)

– Mr. Ed Timperlake (former Director, Technology Assessment, International Technology Security (Office of the Secretary of Defense))

– Lieutenant Colonel Chip Berke (USMC lead-F-35 integration; F/A-18, F-22, & F-35 pilot)

– Group Captain Paul Godfrey (Royal Air Force-F-35 integration team; Harrier, Typhoon, F-16, & F-35 pilot)

Invited speakers incude:

– Lieutenant General Pasquale Preziosa (Chief, Italian Air Force)

– Danish General officer (TBD)

– Danish General officer (TBD)

– Danish Ministry of Defence Official (TBD)

Please contact Dr. Gary Schaub at [email protected] to register or for more information

Gary Schaub

Senior Researcher at Centre for Military Studies, University of Copenhagen