The US Navy CNO on Cyber Operations


2015-02-13 Cyber is often confused with computer and information security.

But it is really about cyber operations and within the context of rapidly evolving concepts of operations, as digital systems become dominant players in the evolution of war fighting capabilities.

Our visit to CVN-78 highlighted the centrality of C2 and related systems to the operation of the next large deck carrier.

There are three software upgradeable aircraft flying today – the Wedgetail, the Advanced Hawkeye, and the F-35 – and two of these aircraft will fly off of the Ford and intersect with the software upgradeable radars and C2 systems onboard.

And working collaborative and integrate strike and defense capabilities with the rest of the Navy force, the joint force and coalition partners rests upon effective cyber operations.

This means that cyber is part of the evolving concepts of operations for the maritime, joint and coalition force. 

It is not an add on; it is not a stand alone; it is part of the integrated warfighting effort.

The video above provide the CNO’s perspective on cyber operations as published on October 28, 2014.


Recently I visited Navy Cyber Forces Command in the Hampton Roads area. After holding a great All Hands Call with our cyber warriors and reenlisting some motivated Sailors, I sat down with two Shipmates to discuss what our cyber forces do and why their mission is important. In this episode of “Conversation with a Shipmate,” we discuss cyber security and warfighting.

Understanding Cyber

All of us, not just cyber warriors, need to understand the role that cyber security plays in our everyday operations.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Electromagnetic spectrum is also a hot issue for our Navy, and the exploration of that focus area goes hand in hand with what we’re doing on the cyber warfront.

Warfighting on the Sea and in Cyberspace

The Navy is has an inherent and unique need to combat cyber threats. Our resources, ships and bases around the world are connected by the very networks our cyber warriors defend.