French Forces Respond to the Humanitarian Crisis in Vanuatu


2015-03-24 French forces along with several allied air and naval forces are joining in to aid the population of Vanuatu in the wake of a major natural disaster.

The FAF based in Tahiti have sent CASA-235s to deliver aid to Vanuatu.

The aircraft are bringing aid and personnel to assist in reconstruction.


According to a story on the French Air Force website published March 20, 2015:

“The CASA aircraft have delivered three tons of freight including makeshift shelters and various tools to assist in the operation.

The aircraft are assisting the the armed forces of New Caledonia as well in the effort

The French frigate Vendémiaire has two helos on board, a Puma from Squadron 52 of the BA 186 and an Alouette 3 from fleet 22S.

The helos are delivering cargo into remote areas and providing medical support to the populations.

And four French nationals were evacuated to New Caledonia.”

Translation provided by Second Line of Defense.