Joint Warrior 151 in Scotland – Refueling at Sea


04/28/2015: Various ships of the task group 315.06.02 are refueling with the Donau, the flagship of the SNMCMG1 (Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measure Group 1).

The Donau refuels the FGS Auerbach, the mine sweeper HNOMS Rauma, as well as the mine hunter HNLMS Makkum. Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 151 is being conducted in Scottish waters.

  • Have a look at how ship-to-ship refueling is being conducted at sea. 1. (00:00)
  • The German ship FGS Auerbach approaches the Donau. 2. (00:25) CU of German flag. 3. (00:36)
  • GV of ships alongside each other. 4. (00:43)
  •  Refueling is started. 5. (00:46) Soundbite Lieutenant Frank Heider. Executive officer from FGS Auerbach:
  •  “We receive now same cubic meters of fuel to go for the next week at sea”. 6. (00:55)
  • CU of ships alongside each other. 7. (01:03)
  • CU of NATO flag. 8. (01:06)
  • Norwegian mine sweeper
  •  HNLMS Makkum approaching the Donau. 9. (01:54)
  • HNOMS Rauma and FGS Auerbach are on both sides of the Donau. 10. (02:07)
  • Dutch mine hunter HNLMS Makkum alongside the Donau.