Visiting HMS Queen Elizabeth


05/09/2015: At the end of March 2015, Second Line of Defense visited HMS Queen Elizabeth in Scotland. 

These photos were shot during the visit by the RN/RAF team and are credited to them.

  • The first photo shows the ski jump on the flight deck for the F-35B.  The second photo is of the ski jump and a shot of the Hood Dock from which HMS Hood left to go after Bismarck and to which HMS Prince of Wales returned after the Bismarck was sunk.
  • The third photo is shot from the ski jump and looks down at the entire flight deck.
  • The fourth photo shows Robbin Laird with one of the HMS Queen Elizabeth team at the end of the flight deck.
  • The fifth photo shows several members of the team who provided the tour of the ship.
  • The sixth, seventh and eighth photos show the islands aboard the flight deck.
  • The ninth photo provides another shot of the flight deck; the tenth photo is a shot of the reconfigurable C2 spaces aboard the ship;; the eleventh photo shows the massive crane used in the course of construction.
  • And the final photo shows those who provided the tour for whom more than thanks are due for providing insights into a key element of evolving air and sea power.