Next Steps for the A400M: French Air Force Validates Paratroop Operations


2015-07-24  In a first for the French Air Force (FAF), on July 16, 2015, 91 paratroopers jumped from the rear of an A400M in flight.

According to the FAF website:

“After several months of analysis and preparation by the CEAM and the STAT, a new operational capability was shaped….

At 4,000 meters in altitude, 91 paratroopers participated in three experimental flights with the Atlas which validated the procedures established by Airbus and the armed forces….

Next up is to airdrop from the side doors to shape a complete paratrooper capability with regard to the aircraft in accordance with the objectives established by the FAF.”

The CEAM or in French centre d’expériences aériennes militaires is the military air experimentation center which is located at Mont de Marson Air Base in Aquitaine.

The STAT is the Technical Section of the French Army or in French section technique de l’armée de terre.

Translation by Second Line of Defense.