Exercise Joint Strike for Australian Defence Forces


09/21/2015: From 31 August – 4 September, 2015, Exercise Joint Strike, the inaugural Amphibious Task Group (ATG) joint fires exercise, was conducted at the Beecroft Weapons Range, in the Jervis Bay area, New South Wales.

Royal Australian Navy, Australian Army and Royal Australian Air Force personnel from within the ATG conducted a week of joint fires integration. All services worked together to successfully coordinate and validate joint fires on Beecroft Weapons Range.

The Royal Australian Navy contributed with HMAS Stuart firing five-inch gun rounds, the Australian Army provided a mortar section, Joint Fires Effects Coordination Centre (JFECC) and Joint Fire Teams (JFT) from the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, while the Royal Australian Air Force conducted airstrikes from a Hawk 127 aircraft as well ground liaison staff.

The Supporting Arms Coordination Centre (SACC) from the joint headquarters of the Amphibious Task group coordinated the exercise. Exercise Joint Strike 2015 is a joint training activity conducted as part the 2015 Sea Series of exercises.

The aim of the exercise was to validate joint fires procedures between the SACC, JFECC and other services and commence joint fires training in order to assist the ATG achieve Full Operational Capability in 2017.

Credit: Australian Ministry of Defence:9/11/15