F-35A Lightning II Aerial Footage Hill AFB


09/21/2015: An F-16C from the 419th Fighter Wing, Hill Air Force Base, UT, escorts two F-35A Lightning II aircraft from Fort Worth, TX, to Hill AFB on September 2, 2015.

The two Lightning II aircraft are the Air Force’s first two combat-coded F-35As to be permanently assigned to the 34th Fighter Squadron under Air Combat Command’s 388th Fighter Wing.

The 388th Fighter Wing is located at Hill AFB, UT. The two aircraft, tails 5071 and 5072, are both Block 3I jets, which provide initial warfighting capability.

That includes data links, multi-ship sensor fusion ability, the updated Integrated Core Processor, and initial live weapon capacities.

Credit:OL-H, AFPAA:9/2/15